Saturday, April 01, 2006

Something that'd make you envious

I told you Alicia took me to a steak house last night. Although I think the food was fabulous, she still kept on assuming it's not as good as she had recommended. Since today is my last day in Perth, she felt that she's to potray her culinary skills. You cannot see her face well as she wanted to be the anonymous chef.

She bought chunks of chicken breasts and beef sirloin meat.

Using the Sunbeam brand grill for the cooking.

Done. A very well managed steak, not too cooked, not too raw, plus garlic prawn and scallop with roe,blanched vegetables , and very sweet juicy baked pumpkin and sweet potatoes. I told her the next time when I come, bake sweet potatoes and pumpkin would have already made me happy.

This is the chicken version of steak for my mum since she doesn't eat beef.

Every nice thing would be washed down with wine.
Heheh, people whom I love and who love me, remember that my sister can cook. You MUST claim the same treatment as I had been treated. But please bear in mind, when you are claiming your due treatment, make sure I am WITH you, for my sister MIGHT NOT remember procedures of her cooking if I am not around. Have a nice day.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Bye-bye Love

Tomorrow will end my 7 weeks holidays in Perth. It's rather sad to leave good and leisure life here. All together I put on +/- 2 kg. It's definitely sad to leave the loving sister, lovely niece, garden, house, story books, fruits, food.... here,
but another that touched deeply is this darling.

Yes, it's this Madza 121 which Alicia bought for her daughter when she started learning driving. Goodbye darling. You had made my stay here wonderful. I can go to certain places around and not totally house-bound or have to wait to be chauffeured. I'm rather proud of myself for being able to venture a little here and there, knowing the timid self of me. When there's no bread, no milk, I easily popped into you to get them at Southlands. When I need Chinese stuff, I popped into you again to Chan Brothers. Oh, Alicia, don't ever sell her !

This is Alicia's car.

It's a Dutsun 1.8 Pulsar. This car has also brought me to many places further away and to many yummy yummy places , like Fremantle and the Swan Valley.

This is Eva's Volkswagen Mirage. She leaves it with her mum when she went to UK. She wants to sell it. So next time I come I might not see it again. Adieu.

Serene Is Here

Today I was busy cutting and chopping. Bamboo shoots, carrots, celery, mushroom, button mushroom, capsicum, onion, water chestnuts, cauliflower, cabbage, chicken etc. I told Alicia I was going to clear off her larder. So I stir fry these ingredients together.

And brought some crispy iceberg lettuce.

Tell you the truth. It's because my niece Serene was coming over from Sydney. I have to feed her well too, right ? She's even prettier with her hair cut short. She's here for a business meeting and will be back to Sydney on Sunday.
She's holding the 'san choy pau'

Later Alicia treated her to laksa and cengdol at the Taurus Foodcourt. Then Serene drove to see another friend nearby.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

What A Feast , again !!! :p

This is one of the " another " farewell dinners ! Alicia has really been far too good to me. She wants me to try as much of the different cuisine here as possible.
Last night she took me and some of her friends to the Bentley Pines (Training) Restaurant.
The restaurant is in the Bentley TAFE Campus at Hayman Rd, Bentley, WA, near the Curtin University. It's a part of the Bentley Hospitality Institute where students learn commercial cookery,restaurant and bar operation. Students come as far as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and European countries. Because of the nature of the posh hotel style food and relatively low price, bookings for tables must be made in advance, sometimes a month or two ahead. Lunch is $15 and dinner $20, not inclusive of drinks or addition serve of salad.
For each table, customers are advised to order different range of food items from the limited menu. However, there's a new change of menu every month, so even if you go every month you'd sample a different menu.

For starter, we had some fruit cocktails and cocktails

These are the entree :
Warm chicken liver parfait with ginger glaze.

Tagliatelle with roasted eggplant, oregano and tomato.

Avocado and grapefruit salad with honey dressing.

See the "Boy-ta-han" satisfied looks on well-fed people !!!

Char grill of the day, it's beefsteak today.

Poached fish fillet with stir fried leek and lemon cream sauce.

Roast of the day--today's roast pork. So guess which of the above is my choice .

After the food we had the speciality coffee and some desserts. However, the desserts are not that inviting as they look better than what they taste.

The price OK ?

The hospitality lecturer showing the students how to make the coffee.

First put sugar (1 tsp will do) and 20ml of the liqueur into glass.(special heat resistant glass)

Burn over flame so that alkohol evaporate.

Put a spoon in glass when you pour cold coffee in, to absorb the heat. Then pour cream onto a spoon so that cream stay on top.

A photo of the belly-full, heart contented and mind sluggish (too much food) people.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Home-cooked Food

I think you are not so impressed with my posting of the party. I can even hear you sniffing at me,"What great deal ! All the things bought from shops. Anybody can do it too !!" Well, here I am, truly I am. Manager of YKLim Food Catering Pte.Ltd'
Doing a REAL home-cooking stuff. (Home cooking because it's done at home, hehehe :p

First of all we had this big green-edged abalone or whatever the name is. it's rather expensive. This one is over $50. Boil it with pork rib and some herbs to make the soup.

This is youtiao stuffed with marinated fish and prawn paste. Deep fry and garnish with mayonnaise. They said it's nice.

Stir-fry kailan with prawns. When you fry kailan, always remember to add a dash of sugar, to offset the 'siat' taste.

Crock-pot taufu with vegetables, mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

Stir-fry chicken strips with celary, sweet peas and red capsicum, topped with roasted cashew-nuts.

The cooked abalone being sliced thinly and placed on top of lettuce and onion slices, and a hot sweet chili sauce pour over it. It's best eaten when chilled. You can use the Thai sweet chili sauce , just add a bit of lemon juice. That's what I'm doing.

Good food must be washed down with good wine !

The guests of honour for tonight. See the happy looks on them anticipating a good meal ! They are Dr. Tze Lai and Dr. Johnny Wu, Alicia's contacts. Tze had helped to examine my eye last Sunday because I had a floater in my eye. They are both eye surgeons. Tze had lately done a lot of cases on retina detachment. So young ! So clever !

Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Little Party

Alicia likes parties. She likes inviting people over to have little snacks. So I conclude that she is a party girl !!!
Now that I am here, it gives her more excuses of having parties. Tonight is a farewell party for me (Hehehe, I guess there'd be more farewell parties and dinners for me, wait and see !)
So tonight she's calling her friend Bee's children over for a 'little' snack.
First this is the 2 combinations of dips : sundried tomatoes and avocado light.

Then here are 4 different dips : chili red with cashew & parmesan; beetroot withcashew & parmesan; grilled eggplant with cashew & parmesan; and beetroot.

Different types of cheese.

and different types of ham.

They are arranged on trays.

Crackers go well with dips.

These are hand-made curry-puffs, courtesy of YKLim Private Limited.

There are some prawn rolls too, bought from the superstores.

Bread with dips.

Ready to serve, ya-hoooooo !

Here's two of the guests, Leanne and hubby Michael. Michael travels about to work, he had been to Africa, and the Fijis, now he's working in Laos, in a copper mine. He works 4 weeks and has a rest of 2 weeks.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The German Butcher

One of the friends here told me about the German Master Butcher. You can get a great varieties of meat, ham, bacon, cheese, sausages and so many other German food here. I told Alicia about it. It's at South Street and I said I sort of know how to go there, and she laughed, saying now I'm very " act-say" (arrogant) now since I can go here and there by myself.

Different types of sausages.

So many choices of cheese....

and ham.