Friday, March 31, 2006

Bye-bye Love

Tomorrow will end my 7 weeks holidays in Perth. It's rather sad to leave good and leisure life here. All together I put on +/- 2 kg. It's definitely sad to leave the loving sister, lovely niece, garden, house, story books, fruits, food.... here,
but another that touched deeply is this darling.

Yes, it's this Madza 121 which Alicia bought for her daughter when she started learning driving. Goodbye darling. You had made my stay here wonderful. I can go to certain places around and not totally house-bound or have to wait to be chauffeured. I'm rather proud of myself for being able to venture a little here and there, knowing the timid self of me. When there's no bread, no milk, I easily popped into you to get them at Southlands. When I need Chinese stuff, I popped into you again to Chan Brothers. Oh, Alicia, don't ever sell her !

This is Alicia's car.

It's a Dutsun 1.8 Pulsar. This car has also brought me to many places further away and to many yummy yummy places , like Fremantle and the Swan Valley.

This is Eva's Volkswagen Mirage. She leaves it with her mum when she went to UK. She wants to sell it. So next time I come I might not see it again. Adieu.


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