Sunday, March 26, 2006

Home-cooked Food

I think you are not so impressed with my posting of the party. I can even hear you sniffing at me,"What great deal ! All the things bought from shops. Anybody can do it too !!" Well, here I am, truly I am. Manager of YKLim Food Catering Pte.Ltd'
Doing a REAL home-cooking stuff. (Home cooking because it's done at home, hehehe :p

First of all we had this big green-edged abalone or whatever the name is. it's rather expensive. This one is over $50. Boil it with pork rib and some herbs to make the soup.

This is youtiao stuffed with marinated fish and prawn paste. Deep fry and garnish with mayonnaise. They said it's nice.

Stir-fry kailan with prawns. When you fry kailan, always remember to add a dash of sugar, to offset the 'siat' taste.

Crock-pot taufu with vegetables, mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

Stir-fry chicken strips with celary, sweet peas and red capsicum, topped with roasted cashew-nuts.

The cooked abalone being sliced thinly and placed on top of lettuce and onion slices, and a hot sweet chili sauce pour over it. It's best eaten when chilled. You can use the Thai sweet chili sauce , just add a bit of lemon juice. That's what I'm doing.

Good food must be washed down with good wine !

The guests of honour for tonight. See the happy looks on them anticipating a good meal ! They are Dr. Tze Lai and Dr. Johnny Wu, Alicia's contacts. Tze had helped to examine my eye last Sunday because I had a floater in my eye. They are both eye surgeons. Tze had lately done a lot of cases on retina detachment. So young ! So clever !


At 6:24 PM, Blogger Sam said...

Oh my, what a Wonderful blog!!!
The food looks scrumptious - I love abelone. Mmmm!


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