Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jest For A Laugh

When little Ryan was 3 years old..........

One day, two volunteer workers came to the house. Little Ryan was playing at the porch.
Workers : Good morning, little sir,we are volunteer workers for the old folks' home.
Ryan : Good morning. What do you want ?
Works : We are collecting donations for the old folks' home. Do you have
anything to donate to the old folks' home ?
Ryan : Yes, hold on please. Let me go inside and get my grandpa and grandma
for you.

Another story :

There were 2 patients, Nono and Nana in a mental hospital. They had become rather good friends and were always seen together.
One day when they were walking by the swimming pool, Nana slipped and fell into the pool. He sank to the bottom. Nono immediately plunged into the pool and managed to get Nana out of danger.
Two doctors passed by and witnessed this bravery deed. After a long discussion they decided that since Nono could have the wisdom to save people he must not be a siao man. They decided to discharge Nono.
Before they could reveal the news to Nono, they got the news that Nana hanged himself in the bathroom. So the doctors have to tell Nono about it as well because Nono and Nana were well reputed to be the best of friends.

Doc : Nono, today we come because there are 2 news, one good and one bad. Let's
tell you the good news first. We deem you no longer have any mental
problems, so you can be discharged today. The bad news is that your best
friend Nana had committed suicide. He hung himself in the bathroom.
Nono : Who said he hung himself ? I hanged him there to dry !!!!!


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