Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Line Dancing

Hai everybody, my eldest brother, after reading my blog, had emailed, saying this newly retired person is really enjoying life in Perth. Hehe, I can sense his envy. Right, I'm enjoying head over heels, up and down, left and right of my everyday stay here. WISH YOU WERE HERE !!!!!
Alicia had wanted to arrange me to go here or there, but I said I'd prefer staying at home. I DON'T WANT to be a tourist. Moi, my friend, arranged for me to join the line dancing class. It's also being a fad here. Some of the people even go for dancing a few days in a week, follow this teacher today, another class tomorrow, another teacher the next day..... It's actually an enjoyable thing if you know how to dance. As for me, it's main-main only, as I have no basic at all in dancing. I can't differentiate right foot from left foot, or rather, always stepped on my own feet ! But it's enjoyment alright. I'm following the beginners' class.
Then after the class, some of the girls(old girls, they like to be referred as girls) would get together to have lunch. I joined them a few times. They'd order a few dishes , like once, we had "One duck Three servings : a duck made into peking duck, eat the skin only, the flesh fried with vegies to be wrapped with salad leaves and the bones made into kiamcai soup. Another time we went to have salad feast and today we had lobster and noodles. Of course we go dutch, but each time is only about $ 10 to $ 15. So, aren't you coming ?


At 7:25 PM, Blogger Penny152 said...

We have line dancing here too - very popular with the older girls - me, not yet-lah! Hehe


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