Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Little Party

Alicia likes parties. She likes inviting people over to have little snacks. So I conclude that she is a party girl !!!
Now that I am here, it gives her more excuses of having parties. Tonight is a farewell party for me (Hehehe, I guess there'd be more farewell parties and dinners for me, wait and see !)
So tonight she's calling her friend Bee's children over for a 'little' snack.
First this is the 2 combinations of dips : sundried tomatoes and avocado light.

Then here are 4 different dips : chili red with cashew & parmesan; beetroot withcashew & parmesan; grilled eggplant with cashew & parmesan; and beetroot.

Different types of cheese.

and different types of ham.

They are arranged on trays.

Crackers go well with dips.

These are hand-made curry-puffs, courtesy of YKLim Private Limited.

There are some prawn rolls too, bought from the superstores.

Bread with dips.

Ready to serve, ya-hoooooo !

Here's two of the guests, Leanne and hubby Michael. Michael travels about to work, he had been to Africa, and the Fijis, now he's working in Laos, in a copper mine. He works 4 weeks and has a rest of 2 weeks.


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