Friday, March 17, 2006

St.Patrick's Day

Today is St.Patrick's Day. Alicia is not working, not because of the Saint's day but because she rests on Fridays.
She decided to take us for lunch. She insisted that we all must wear something green since it's St.Patrick's Day (?)
We took a photo in front of the German restaurant where we were to have our lunch. It was at the Swan Valley.

Three mucisians welcomed us.

A mural on the wall.

A German speciality : The Brewer's Pan, it's a frying pan fill with pan-fried potatoes, Kassler Smoked Pork Cutlets and Bratwurst Sausages.
With a bowl of fried potato skins.

And Sauerkraut, something like preserved cabbage, not really nice.

Wash down with green beer. Why green beer? You forgotlah, today St.Patrick's Day mah !

After lunch we went to visit Alicia's friend Helen, who lives nearby. She just broke her arm while trying to catch hold of her horse. This is Helen the one arm sword woman.

There's grape vines at the backyard, grapes ripen already, no sour grapes. Helen asked me to help myself.

This's my bountiful harvest. You must be envious of me, plucking my own grapes !!!

On the way back we bought some more fruits, because fruits at the Swan Valley are very very cheap.
Too many fruits ? NO NO NO , one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the evening, one before meals, one after meals, one when you feel like munching , one to go in when you still feel hungry...... so, not too many fruits, agreed ?

The story goes on....
At night, Alicia's friend Bee invited us to her house for nasi lemak. Bee is a good cook, I told you before.

After dinner, recreation time. See, our old memsahib is now always the main lead !


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