Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Too Expensive ?

Here, in Perth, you can get a lot of things easily, even those things we can hardly lay our hands on, you have abundance here. But Perth is not all together that heavenly. There are certain things I find not easily accessible, or are rather expensive. Here quote a few:
First the small onions. I can't find them selling at the supermarkets at all. You can get a few at the oriental stores but it's rather expensive, more than $10 a kilo. My friends here tell me they never buy small onions, only use the large ones. So I also learn to use the large ones too. Masuk kandang lembu menguam, masuk kandang kambing mengembek.

Another expensive item is the ginger. It's always $12.90 a kilo, sometimes $14.00. These few pieces here fetch about $5.00, not to consider the exchange rate, dollar to dollar it's still mahal ! I think it'd be RM 1 something to RM 2 at our place. So SK,next time if Serene is going on confinement here, make sure you buy a lot at home, cut finely and fry in oil till crisp and dry, and bottle them to be brought here. You cannot bring the fresh ones, I think you know that. The same go for the small onions. But yesterday I was told that you can get frozen ginger at half the price of the fresh ones.

The taugeh here is not expensive, but look at them, so 'tall and slender', if it refers to my figure then I wouldn't mind, but taugeh ! Cis !
It makes me miss the short stout fat juicy taugeh of home.
My friend told me if you want to have the better taugeh, you get to grow it yourself : get a few pieces of handy towels, sprinkle water to wet them. Put green peas onto the tray lined with the paper napkins. Cover it with cloth. Sprinkle water regularly. After 3-4 days you have your own taugeh. (SK, since you are the pengetua, ask each pupil plant 10 peas, and you can have a few kilos of taugeh already !!!!!)


At 5:29 PM, Blogger suanie said...

I want fat taugeh with salted fish :(


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