Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Turkish Deeeee-light

Last night Alicia took us to Fremantle again. It's hers as well as my favourite
town. Secretly, in my heart, I wish to relish all the different goodies before I leave WA. So, Alicia, as the fairy godmother, is granting my wishes in everywhere !
Last night she took us to a Turkish restaurant called Istanbul Turkish Restaurant, which sells traditional Turkish cuisine.

The wall murals are pictures of Turkish palaces. Can you visualise a little Turkish princess hiding behind the pillars ? Aiya, sometimes we must let our imaginations run wild !!!!

Some array of the grubs obtainable here. It says : ALL OUR FOOD IS HALAL.

The waitress happily posing for the camera when she's told that she'd be viewed all over the world, hehehe, is it a white lie ?
She also told us that we should come on Friday or Saturday because then there'd be Belly Dancing. Since we came on Thursday nite, we've to be 'Ah-Q' a bit. YEH, Belly Dancing, no see also never mind. Anyway, I think I can perform better Belly-dancing than them since I have a bigger belly, hehehe :p

We started with Turkish bread (very well-toasted) and 3 different types of dips, ie,spicy Tahini(tahini,chili,herbs,yoghurt,salt and garlic),Patlican Ezmesi (Smoked eggplant, yoghurt,salt and garlic) and Muhambura (crushed walnut,{ahem,nuts again !yumyum,},tahini,chili and garlic)

We do justice to good food. Borrowing M&M's ad : Now you see it, now you don't.

Now we're having the main course. It's a Turkish combo of mixed grill, got flamed grilled lamb and chicken Shishkebabs, doner lamb and chicken and kofte served with rice and salad. The price? $26.90 per set.

After eating , had a chat with the chef cum manager. His name is Hamdi Cevik and had been here for six years. He's very pleased that buisiness here is so very very good. I think he's making rather a good fortune.


At 4:57 PM, Blogger Penny152 said...

You are really lapping up the life in WA. After sampling so many different cuisine, you should be ready to start your own restaurant when you return to malaysia.


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