Thursday, March 30, 2006

What A Feast , again !!! :p

This is one of the " another " farewell dinners ! Alicia has really been far too good to me. She wants me to try as much of the different cuisine here as possible.
Last night she took me and some of her friends to the Bentley Pines (Training) Restaurant.
The restaurant is in the Bentley TAFE Campus at Hayman Rd, Bentley, WA, near the Curtin University. It's a part of the Bentley Hospitality Institute where students learn commercial cookery,restaurant and bar operation. Students come as far as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and European countries. Because of the nature of the posh hotel style food and relatively low price, bookings for tables must be made in advance, sometimes a month or two ahead. Lunch is $15 and dinner $20, not inclusive of drinks or addition serve of salad.
For each table, customers are advised to order different range of food items from the limited menu. However, there's a new change of menu every month, so even if you go every month you'd sample a different menu.

For starter, we had some fruit cocktails and cocktails

These are the entree :
Warm chicken liver parfait with ginger glaze.

Tagliatelle with roasted eggplant, oregano and tomato.

Avocado and grapefruit salad with honey dressing.

See the "Boy-ta-han" satisfied looks on well-fed people !!!

Char grill of the day, it's beefsteak today.

Poached fish fillet with stir fried leek and lemon cream sauce.

Roast of the day--today's roast pork. So guess which of the above is my choice .

After the food we had the speciality coffee and some desserts. However, the desserts are not that inviting as they look better than what they taste.

The price OK ?

The hospitality lecturer showing the students how to make the coffee.

First put sugar (1 tsp will do) and 20ml of the liqueur into glass.(special heat resistant glass)

Burn over flame so that alkohol evaporate.

Put a spoon in glass when you pour cold coffee in, to absorb the heat. Then pour cream onto a spoon so that cream stay on top.

A photo of the belly-full, heart contented and mind sluggish (too much food) people.


At 5:24 PM, Blogger Penny152 said...

I am very, very, very ealous. I demand the same treatment the next time i visit Perth

At 11:15 PM, Blogger johorean said...

I had asked your sister to start saving money for the next time you come. Tell you what, she brought me to eat REAL steak just now. I just couldn't take the photos because sth wrong with the camera's memory stick. Put that in your book too :p

At 11:33 PM, Blogger johorean said...

I have started saving for your visit,today I place 10cents in the tin,sedikit,sedikit,sedang jading bukit-Mt Kinabalu!!!!! Comment from HK


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