Saturday, April 01, 2006

Something that'd make you envious

I told you Alicia took me to a steak house last night. Although I think the food was fabulous, she still kept on assuming it's not as good as she had recommended. Since today is my last day in Perth, she felt that she's to potray her culinary skills. You cannot see her face well as she wanted to be the anonymous chef.

She bought chunks of chicken breasts and beef sirloin meat.

Using the Sunbeam brand grill for the cooking.

Done. A very well managed steak, not too cooked, not too raw, plus garlic prawn and scallop with roe,blanched vegetables , and very sweet juicy baked pumpkin and sweet potatoes. I told her the next time when I come, bake sweet potatoes and pumpkin would have already made me happy.

This is the chicken version of steak for my mum since she doesn't eat beef.

Every nice thing would be washed down with wine.
Heheh, people whom I love and who love me, remember that my sister can cook. You MUST claim the same treatment as I had been treated. But please bear in mind, when you are claiming your due treatment, make sure I am WITH you, for my sister MIGHT NOT remember procedures of her cooking if I am not around. Have a nice day.


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