Friday, February 17, 2006

Some Australian Plants And Flowers

Some of the Australian plants and flowers are really beautiful. I just capture them down but I don't know the names. Maybe next time when I learn of the names I shall put them down.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dinner is ready

What is this ? 5 cents for the correct answer.

Dunno ? It's a mushroom. Bigger than my hand,eh !

Steamboat, Australian style.....

With a lot of salmon.....

and prawns.

Respect your elders. Feed them well.

Gardening In Perth

Today wasn't as cold as yesterday. I walked around Alicia's garden, looking at the trees. I wanted to post some Australian fauna and flora in my blog. Then I noticed the unkempt bushes of flowers. I decided to lend a hand as you should know Alicia is a very very busy person. I hope that when you see the results you might want to employ me in your gardens , as I am in dire need of a job :)



Proof of my labour.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

An Afternoon At Cottesloe

A view of Cottesloe. It is a famous seaside resort.

The Cottesloe Beach Hotel.

A seagull.

Some more seagulls !.

What I had for tea at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel : Fig and walnut cake with rich chocolate sauce and lots of walnuts and figs, macadamia nut biscuit and frothy flat white coffee to wash down the yummies !!!

Wish you were here !!!!

A sign at the hotel.

Woosh , I am cold.

Very, very, very cold.

Bought some seafood for dinner : mussels , prawns and fish.

A Trip By The Indian Ocean

At the Yacht Harbour overlooking the Indian Ocean.

These are Cyprus Pines.

An heritage home , The Gallop House at Nedland Foreshore.

Today the weather suddenly turned cold ,with light drizzles. Still Alicia was in a very beautiful mood. She wanted to take us see the Indian Ocean, she said. So off we went, comfortably wrapped against the cold wind.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Fresh Fruits

Fruits bought from the Swan Valley. Grapes were picked early this morning !

Chocolate Haven

Alicia holding pecan-rich ice-cream. One of them is mine !

Sampling chocolates.

The Margaret River Chocolate Factory. Here are freshly made chocolates for sale. You can come to eat ice cream and variety of cakes.

Grapes Of Wrath

The Grapes Of Wrath? No no no no no... It's happy me and the happy grapes. (Happy because they will be eaten by me and not lived wastefully !

Laksa In Perth

We are hungry, so Alicia said why not I take you to a place where you can eat Malaysian food? And thus we came to this shop, Ten-Ten, which was once owned by a Malaysian. You can get all kinds of Malaysian food here : laksa (curry noodles), chicken rice, fried ho-fun, prawn noodles, kampong fried rice, Malay fried rice etc. In the afternoon many students came as the food is sold at student rates. So we had laksa at student rate, $6.50. The gravy was santan-riched, with two big prawns and lots of thick-cut fish cake. I still think it was expensive, as compared to Malaysian standard .

Dad and Mum and Me

Standing on the Glass Bridge

Standing on the Glass Bridge

Still At King's Park

Me on a bridge

Australian Plants and Flowers

This unique plant, according to Alicia, is called the 'Black Boy' , but incidentally I found out that it is called 'Grass Root'. Next to it is an Australian wild flower plant.

This beautifully tree is called Variegated Peppermint. It is a distinctive elegent tree with pale apple green colour. It is a variegated and unusual form of the Western Australian peppermint tree. The other one is a baboab tree which is able to store its water and moisture in its trunk.