Saturday, February 25, 2006

A new interest

It is very important for a couple to have common interest, right ? Then they have something to talk about. MJ is a game as long as there is no indulgence. Popo said, "How come last time I thought MJ was an evil game, actually it's not so....
but young people still shouldn't play it as it is time consuming. They should use their time doing more profiting things. " She is trying hard to outwit gong-gong, maybe another type of revenge ?? But gong-gong just couldn't care less, you win then you win lah, anyway, no money is involved.
Henceforth they live happily ever after.......

I leave something at Verbena Road

I enjoy the stay here so much. I leave something here : I planted some plants, and had my fingers pricked by the thorns. Alicia and I are advancing in age. We might even get dementia. I have to put this down as a proof. Here I suppose the one to get dementia is she, hence....
Mamalim : This rose was planted by me,
Alicia : Where got, I planted it myself.
Mamalim : I planted it. Remember your neighbour Julie took us to the rose nursery
at Perth Hill. There I bough this beautiful red rose plant because I think your garden is too pale.
Alicia : Where I got a neighbour called Julie ? Where you ever got come to Perth ?
Mamalim : Yes I did, in 2006. I came after my retirement.....
Alicia : You never came, you never came, mei-you, mei-you, never, never ever.
Mamalim : You, you, you....
Alicia : Mei-you, mei-you, mei-you..........

Europeana , a very bright red rose, as red as blood.

I also planted the Obedient Plant , Physostegia Virginiana Alba

The rose nursery at Perth Hill

Mary Magdalene, Portmerion, Miss Alice, Comte de Champagne, Charles de Gaule , Blue Moon, Elinda, Closed To You, Golden Celebration, The Dark Lady, Winchester Catheral, Cecelia, Teasing Georgia, Play Girl, Sweet Sonata, Camille passion, Mamy Blues, Paris 2000, Sorbet Fomaraise...........

Whatever they are, a rose by any name is just as sweet , so saith my friend William Sha-si-pi-ya :)


Friday, February 24, 2006

Julie's Patchwork Garden

Alicia has a friendly neighbour called Julie. Julie loves gardening. Her garden is called The Patchwork Garden, and in here she plants maybe a few hundred plants !!!!
She had her garden opened once and the proceeding went to charity.
This is Julie.

These are her flower plants. There are still many not photographed.

These are some of her vegetables and fruit trees. She also has apple tree, apricot tree, fig tree, not photographed because no fruits !!
This is strawberry plant.

A plum ripened already. Julie is excited to ask me to photograph it so as to send the photo to her daughter in UK

the rhubarb plant, looks like our yam plant. The stem can be boiled with sugar and it tastes rather good.

Grape vines.


Spring onions. So big , fatter than my finger.

Beetroot plant

Alicia's Garden

Alicia's garden, view taken from the road.

Keeping a lawn is not a simple job. You have to mow it every other day, and water it regularly to keep it green and tidy. Alicia is a busy woman. Upon the advice of a gardener, she has a mulch instead. A mulch is the protecting covering of peat, chipped wood and other things such as hay , spreading over the soil to maintain the moisture. It's not easy work too. Alicia's friend Alan had spent sometime, digging out the sandy soil, then putting down three layers of newspaper , then cover up with mulch , about 4 to 5 inches thick.

The results is obvious : the earthworm comes.....

so many of them.

Her plants..... though I wish she could plant some fruit trees or nut trees......

Thursday, February 23, 2006

At the Perth Mint

Today my primary and secondary school classmate, Moi-Lim took me and popo for a trip. She brought us to Lake Monger where we could see the black swans, then to the Perth Mint, and around the city , and finally treated us to a sumptuous Japanese dinner. We really appreciate her kindness and hospitality.

The entrance to the Perth Mint

Ooi, I strike something !!!

Look what I've gotten ?

It IS gold ! I am rich !!!!!!

At Lake Monger , the Black Swan's Haven

A beautiful black swan

Cleaning itself

and doing a swanning dance

Which is the swan , which is the duck ?

A flock of wild ducks.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Bookworms

Gong-gong building up his stamina.

Reversal of roles ! Remember popo's place should be gong-gong's ? This is the first MJ session in her 76 years !!!!

Don't worrylah, she won't get addicted to MJ. In fact most of the time she's reading.

Me reading too. This is my favourite corner.

Me and Alicia , the LIMS Bookworms.

While gong-gong feeling so much at home!