Friday, March 03, 2006

Freemantle At Night

This is Freemantle at night. It is the place Alicia likes most, says it has a hippy air, every one in no hurry, and the whole place potrays an artistic air. I like it here because it is cooler.

Inside a cafe. Note the ceiling fans : they are big Chinese fans, swaying from side to side. I think they don't give much air. This makes me remember in Sri Gading, in the 50s, there was a barber shop ( it is still there, managed by the old barber's eldest son). At that time there were no fans. They had a large of canvas one end fixed to the ceiling, the other ends were tied by ropes. There was an old man sitting below and pulling and releasing the ropes, thus moving the canvas and gave a breeze of air. That was the earliest fans in SG.

Have a break. Flat white coffee with macadamia nut (again!) biscuit.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Frailty, Thy Name Is Not Woman

This is me pulling an old mattress out to the roadside to be disposed of. I am learning hard to be a DIY woman too :)

Popo and Alicia pulling the old freezer out.

These are things to be disposed of. A mattresses, a bed ,an old freezer and some boxes. We put it outside because the authority has sent a letter stating the date of collecting these worn ites, so anyone who has old items can put them out for collection.
P.S. After an hour or so, we noticed that the bed and the mattress were not there anymore. Someone had taken them. They could still be used.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Walk By The Canning River

We took a walk by the Canning River. It was a nice evening. We could see the bridge far away. The Canning River will merge with the Swan River to go to the sea.

This is a beautiful walkway. I learn that Alfred likes here too.

The authority does a lot to prevent sand erosion, such as planting a lot of trees by the river. This is another method of sand erosion prevention.

The seagulls are not afraid of people.

There are many wild ducks. Here I only captured one.

The ducks are VIP, oh no, VID (very important ducks), just look at the signboard and you'd agree with me.

Many people walk their dogs here too.

Yeh, after your dog does his business you must clean it up.

The authority even provides plastic bags, FOC, for the dogs' disposals.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Job Well Done

The steps up Alicia's house were made of wood. As time passed by, the steps became worn out and uneven. Alicia said that if people came and tripped over and injured, she might be sued. She said she had wanted to mend the steps for a long time ( 5 years , she said). So since we are here, she made a quick decision to mend it.(She is a filial daughter, she is scared that her parents might trip and fall)
Firstly, Alan the Hercules pulled out the steps.

Alicia's neighbour Julie brought in some sand. (sort of like

Alicia and Julie, the two DIY women.

Gong-gong, the imported man power from Malaysia, lended a hand too.

Posing for remembrance's sake.

Of course, Alicia's friend Alan did all the heavy work.

Alan posing. Trying to impress,eh?

The finished product. Good, isn't it? Fit for a king to alight.

Women At Work

This is Alicia the DIY woman. She said the trees are growing too high and are touching the electric wires. So here she is, up the trees chipping off branches.

Hey,this is 'sub-sub-sui' work. I always do these things by myself.

YK Lim also up the trees, not for posing, but actually DID help in the cutting work. Climbing trees is also 'sub-sub-sui' thing for me. I remember when small, used to climb up the guava trees , sitting up there for hours, reading a book and eating the guavas plucked .

The cut branches must be properly disposed of. Here she placed them at the roadside as the municipal people are coming to collect them. The cuttings either to be used for planting or chipped to make mulch.

Monday, February 27, 2006

A Painful Experience

All the while my children had been calling me their nutty mum. It's not because I love flying over the cockoo's nest, but for the fact that I love nuts so much. Even for mooncakes I only enjoy the nutty mooncakes. Thus, whenever they go about and see nuts, they'd not forget to get some for me. The last time Min went to Melbourne she bought me a lot of macadamia nuts as well as pine nuts, and almonds, walnuts and pistachios from the stores. Si also got me a lot of nuts when she went to Iran.
When I came to Perth I told Alicia about my likings. So one day when I came back from an outing (without her), she said,"Go to your room!" I went in, and there were two bags of macadamia nuts ! Wow, my , how I relished them. MUNCH, MUNCH, MUNCH....
and oops, the filling which I just did before I came here chipped off, and my nightmare began.....
It was a Friday night, so no dentists. The next day was Saturday, and Alicia 'seven early eight early' took me to wait at her dentist's, hoping to 'catch' him and ask a favour to do my tooth as no appointment was made. But that day the dentist was not working. The pain was undurable, not toothache, but the chipped end kept on cutting my tongue. Alicia suggested putting on superglue, then she gave me chewing gums to chew and then gum it at the chipped area, but the gum was too sweet for my liking. Then I had a bright idea: I used cotton balls to keep off the tongue touching the chipped area, and it worked. So for 2 days I was having a ball of cotton in my mouth. This morning I called Alicia's dentist, seeking his help. I went at 11 something. He did a temporary restoration for me. ($45.00). I have to go back to do the crowning.
Is this a lesson taught? Shall I eat nuts again? OF COURSE I shall :)

Happy Birthday Lim Hee Seng

Have you realised that you have always been looked upon as a big tree in the family , shading us, protecting us and giving us an upright example ? Today is your birthday. We wish you the best of everything , in what you had, is having and will have . Best in health, in thought and be blessed in every way.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Feast For The Giants

This is Alicia's way of a big makan. You cannot have this everyday unless you want to be a giant too :)
First get a big chunk of pork, preferably the leg part. Rub it with salt and pepper.

Add in slices of pumpkins, turnips, potatoes, corns, onions, sweet potatoes and any other things that's nice when baked. First preheat the oven 200 degree , then bake for 1 and half hour. I presume that also depend on size of meat. Oh yes, slit the meat so that it would be cooked faster.

These are the baked vegetables.

The roasted pork, sliced.

To be eaten with apple sauce, (Note, the apple sauce here is made by YK Lim)

The skin is as crisply as the ones sold at the shops. (Oh, quick get a basin. I see your mouth watering.......)

Kuchai-kuih (Chives pancake)

Screening through Alicia's garden, I came across a patch of chives, ready for harvest. Missing a bit of my home-cooked food, I decided to make it home here.
These are freshly-cut chives.

Get a bit of garlics,shallots (can't get here), dried shrimps and chillies, grind to
a paste, add an egg or two,fresh prawns, if you got , stir in flour and cut chives, add water to make a thick batter.

Fry in a pan.

Finished product. YUMMY.