Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What Plant Is It ?

I saw this tree at my friend Moi's house. The flowers look like roses but it's definitely not a rose tree. I think it may be a sort of cactus. Have you seen this before ?

In full bloom

Monday, March 06, 2006

Tips For Better Gardening

You may have known already, that compost is best for our plants. Since I am so free here, I might as well write you a reminder. In Alicia's mulch, when you dig the soil under the trees, lots of earthworms keep jumping out. The soil there is of good compost. We bury every thing organic into it. At my classmate Moi's house, they have a big bin in which they dump in all the kitchen waste. They put earthworms into the bin as well.
So here you are, tips for better gardening.
First collect the kitchen wastes : peeled fruit & vegie skins, leaves, cores and such.....

Dig a hole in the ground.

Put in the waste. If you have potted plants, put waste into the pot.

Cover with soil. Then you will see your plants blooming, blooming, blooming.....

Going Home, going home, I'm a going home......

Gong-gong had been here for about 3 weeks, and we can see that he was feeling bored. One thing there isn't much lontong, roti canai and borak-borak with his friends.
He said, "I must go home now. I have more important things to do in SG." You may guess what the important things are. A penny for your thought !
Since he was going back alone, he MUST be very frail so as to be able to sit in a wheelchair. Thus a wheelchair was arranged to take in to the plane (to save from seeking which gate to get in). So our old man boarded the plane in Perth on 4th Mac, being pushed by a pretty worker (Photo not taken) to the plane. But when he reached KL, when the air stewardess asked him to wait, he just brushed her aside and stroke away gallantly, very far from being a sickly fragile old frail !!!!
Before he left, he had pictures taken with his grand-daughters.

These are the two WA beauties.

Gong-gong' po-po, Eva and Yvonne.

YK Lim also likes to pose.

YK Lim taken with the two SYT. Eva is going to UK on 13 Mac, and will probably be there for half a year. Jalan-jalan. How nice.

Hot And Cold

It's already March, and yet there is no trace of Autumn. The weather is temperamental. Very very hot in the daytime and cold at night, sometimes. Daytime temperature is always about 38, 39 degrees, whereas at night, can't say. Two nights ago I was sleeping in two layers of clothing plus putting on two blankets ! The night before and last night were terribly hot. Kept on waking up because tak tahan the heat. Last night woke up twice (That's something to note about because once I sleep, I usually don't get up unless very pressed by the full bladder). First time read a book. Then went back to sleep, then about 30 or so minutes later woke up again, sweating. So I turned on the cooler and sat there until I was cooled.
But the good thing is that , even though it's very hot, I don't feel sweaty.

The best time of the day is early in the morning, breezy and cool.