Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Pizza Affair

We had pizza at Freemantle. This is today's special : pizza topped with curry mutton and with a lot of vegetables.

This is the Dip. I like it because it is very crispy.

The Dip to be eaten with different sauces, mostly herbs.

This is a special pizza. It looks like a giant curry puff.

When you cut open it , the 'topping' is hidden inside.

This is the big stone firewood stove for baking the pizzas.

When I asked permission to take his photo, the chef happily posted for the camera.

The younger chef asked,"Do you want me to toss the pizza for your camera ?"

Friday, March 17, 2006

St.Patrick's Day

Today is St.Patrick's Day. Alicia is not working, not because of the Saint's day but because she rests on Fridays.
She decided to take us for lunch. She insisted that we all must wear something green since it's St.Patrick's Day (?)
We took a photo in front of the German restaurant where we were to have our lunch. It was at the Swan Valley.

Three mucisians welcomed us.

A mural on the wall.

A German speciality : The Brewer's Pan, it's a frying pan fill with pan-fried potatoes, Kassler Smoked Pork Cutlets and Bratwurst Sausages.
With a bowl of fried potato skins.

And Sauerkraut, something like preserved cabbage, not really nice.

Wash down with green beer. Why green beer? You forgotlah, today St.Patrick's Day mah !

After lunch we went to visit Alicia's friend Helen, who lives nearby. She just broke her arm while trying to catch hold of her horse. This is Helen the one arm sword woman.

There's grape vines at the backyard, grapes ripen already, no sour grapes. Helen asked me to help myself.

This's my bountiful harvest. You must be envious of me, plucking my own grapes !!!

On the way back we bought some more fruits, because fruits at the Swan Valley are very very cheap.
Too many fruits ? NO NO NO , one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the evening, one before meals, one after meals, one when you feel like munching , one to go in when you still feel hungry...... so, not too many fruits, agreed ?

The story goes on....
At night, Alicia's friend Bee invited us to her house for nasi lemak. Bee is a good cook, I told you before.

After dinner, recreation time. See, our old memsahib is now always the main lead !

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jest For A Laugh

When little Ryan was 3 years old..........

One day, two volunteer workers came to the house. Little Ryan was playing at the porch.
Workers : Good morning, little sir,we are volunteer workers for the old folks' home.
Ryan : Good morning. What do you want ?
Works : We are collecting donations for the old folks' home. Do you have
anything to donate to the old folks' home ?
Ryan : Yes, hold on please. Let me go inside and get my grandpa and grandma
for you.

Another story :

There were 2 patients, Nono and Nana in a mental hospital. They had become rather good friends and were always seen together.
One day when they were walking by the swimming pool, Nana slipped and fell into the pool. He sank to the bottom. Nono immediately plunged into the pool and managed to get Nana out of danger.
Two doctors passed by and witnessed this bravery deed. After a long discussion they decided that since Nono could have the wisdom to save people he must not be a siao man. They decided to discharge Nono.
Before they could reveal the news to Nono, they got the news that Nana hanged himself in the bathroom. So the doctors have to tell Nono about it as well because Nono and Nana were well reputed to be the best of friends.

Doc : Nono, today we come because there are 2 news, one good and one bad. Let's
tell you the good news first. We deem you no longer have any mental
problems, so you can be discharged today. The bad news is that your best
friend Nana had committed suicide. He hung himself in the bathroom.
Nono : Who said he hung himself ? I hanged him there to dry !!!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Strength Of Life

I have been taking great care of the few chives plants of at Alicia's herb plot. So far, since I came here, I had harvested twice already. Once for the chives pancake, another time to cook mesiam. Then I noticed that the chives have a very strong power of life , full of vigor, full of strength, and strive to live. Shouldn't we take it as an example ?
The chives were cut in the morning. This taken a few hours later.

The next day , in the afternoon.

On the 3rd day.

On the 4th day. I think I can have another harvest before I leave Perth :)

Bubble & Squeak

We had a lot of left overs from the roast pork and chicken. Alicia said the English people would make them into 'Bubble & Squeak'. Actually it was a waste not want not concept. It's a good way to rid of the left over food, you don't have to eat the same thing over and over again.
So, while the food has bubbled and served upon you, you may squeak with delights !!!!
Firstly, get the meat deboned,put to blend.

Add in the roast potatoes,carrots,pumpkin, and whatever you have. It's nice to shread half a cabbage, some onions and garlic in.

Blend to a mass, add eggs, flour, pepper and salt. Blend well.

Fry like we fry pancakes.

Ready to serve. Yummy, yummy, yum, yum.

A Tearful Farewell

Eva was leaving. Alicia said that she was not going to send her off. She had work to do. She could not afford to take leave. She wanted to leave time for Eva and Brad. She........ (a thousand excuses)
Then suddenly in the afternoon she called back,"Quick get change, I want to take you and mum to the airport." Shi-shang-zhi-you-mama-hao........
At the airport, the mother couldn't help but giving the daughter a lot of advices, you must do this, you must do that, you mustn't this, you mustn't that..... ,again,

A tearful Eva , sad to leave SunnyPerth ? Mummy ? Boyfriend ? Friends ? Her dog ?
or just sand gone into eyes ?

Taken with Bradley.

With popo and auntie. We wish you all the best , and take care.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Something Interesting

Australians, like we do , must have car plates on their cars. Ususlly I see cars with 3 digits.

I am rather sure this belongs to a Chinese !

This is from Victoria. Can you see "Victoria the place to be "? Must love Victoria very much.

Some have 5 digits.

If you pay a little money, about $500, you can have your name instead of a number.
So thinking of putting "Reminisces", "Suanie","Ryan" or "Lyanna" on your car ?

My Classmate Moi's Family

Last night we invited Moi and her family to dinner. We had Alicia's speciality, roast pork with a lot of baked pumpkin, baked sweet potatoes, baked potatoes and turnip. I cooked a fresh abalone soup with chicken and fried some vegies. After dinner was the relaxation time.
Popo playing mahjong with Moi(pink blouse) and her son.

Moi's son's girlfriend.

Moi's husbanf Wong busy singing the karaoke. He was a teacher in Muar and came to Australia in the early 90s.

Moi's son now working on Alicia's computer.

Alicia's friend

Taken with Alicia's good friend Ah Bee and her children, son Daniel and daughter Lian. Bee is also a nurse, and a good cook too. She invited us to her house for dinner. We were served new year yu-shang, steamed fish, cuttlefish rojak with kangkong, buttered prawns, lettuce popiah with chicken meat filling, and shanghai pancakes. Unfortunately I forgot to take the photos. It's not nice taking photos of empty plates, don't you agree ?

Real Beauty

I never believe that roses can be so beautiful. I always thought these are just drawn by artists with too much imaginations. Flowers are from Alicia's friend Helen's ranch.

Affectionate Adieu

Today Eva is going to UK for about 6 months. This is encouraged by her mum who said she ought to go 'jalan-jalan' before she gets tied down, by marriage and children thenceforth. The family had an affectionate way of saying adieu.

Yvonne embracing her sister.

Alicia hugging her daughter.

This is Eva and her boyfriend Bradley.

Bradley must be an affectionate lover. Look at the heart he planted for Eva.

Brad likes to draw. These are his masterpieces.