Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Little Party

Alicia likes parties. She likes inviting people over to have little snacks. So I conclude that she is a party girl !!!
Now that I am here, it gives her more excuses of having parties. Tonight is a farewell party for me (Hehehe, I guess there'd be more farewell parties and dinners for me, wait and see !)
So tonight she's calling her friend Bee's children over for a 'little' snack.
First this is the 2 combinations of dips : sundried tomatoes and avocado light.

Then here are 4 different dips : chili red with cashew & parmesan; beetroot withcashew & parmesan; grilled eggplant with cashew & parmesan; and beetroot.

Different types of cheese.

and different types of ham.

They are arranged on trays.

Crackers go well with dips.

These are hand-made curry-puffs, courtesy of YKLim Private Limited.

There are some prawn rolls too, bought from the superstores.

Bread with dips.

Ready to serve, ya-hoooooo !

Here's two of the guests, Leanne and hubby Michael. Michael travels about to work, he had been to Africa, and the Fijis, now he's working in Laos, in a copper mine. He works 4 weeks and has a rest of 2 weeks.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The German Butcher

One of the friends here told me about the German Master Butcher. You can get a great varieties of meat, ham, bacon, cheese, sausages and so many other German food here. I told Alicia about it. It's at South Street and I said I sort of know how to go there, and she laughed, saying now I'm very " act-say" (arrogant) now since I can go here and there by myself.

Different types of sausages.

So many choices of cheese....

and ham.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Turkish Deeeee-light

Last night Alicia took us to Fremantle again. It's hers as well as my favourite
town. Secretly, in my heart, I wish to relish all the different goodies before I leave WA. So, Alicia, as the fairy godmother, is granting my wishes in everywhere !
Last night she took us to a Turkish restaurant called Istanbul Turkish Restaurant, which sells traditional Turkish cuisine.

The wall murals are pictures of Turkish palaces. Can you visualise a little Turkish princess hiding behind the pillars ? Aiya, sometimes we must let our imaginations run wild !!!!

Some array of the grubs obtainable here. It says : ALL OUR FOOD IS HALAL.

The waitress happily posing for the camera when she's told that she'd be viewed all over the world, hehehe, is it a white lie ?
She also told us that we should come on Friday or Saturday because then there'd be Belly Dancing. Since we came on Thursday nite, we've to be 'Ah-Q' a bit. YEH, Belly Dancing, no see also never mind. Anyway, I think I can perform better Belly-dancing than them since I have a bigger belly, hehehe :p

We started with Turkish bread (very well-toasted) and 3 different types of dips, ie,spicy Tahini(tahini,chili,herbs,yoghurt,salt and garlic),Patlican Ezmesi (Smoked eggplant, yoghurt,salt and garlic) and Muhambura (crushed walnut,{ahem,nuts again !yumyum,},tahini,chili and garlic)

We do justice to good food. Borrowing M&M's ad : Now you see it, now you don't.

Now we're having the main course. It's a Turkish combo of mixed grill, got flamed grilled lamb and chicken Shishkebabs, doner lamb and chicken and kofte served with rice and salad. The price? $26.90 per set.

After eating , had a chat with the chef cum manager. His name is Hamdi Cevik and had been here for six years. He's very pleased that buisiness here is so very very good. I think he's making rather a good fortune.

Line Dancing

Hai everybody, my eldest brother, after reading my blog, had emailed, saying this newly retired person is really enjoying life in Perth. Hehe, I can sense his envy. Right, I'm enjoying head over heels, up and down, left and right of my everyday stay here. WISH YOU WERE HERE !!!!!
Alicia had wanted to arrange me to go here or there, but I said I'd prefer staying at home. I DON'T WANT to be a tourist. Moi, my friend, arranged for me to join the line dancing class. It's also being a fad here. Some of the people even go for dancing a few days in a week, follow this teacher today, another class tomorrow, another teacher the next day..... It's actually an enjoyable thing if you know how to dance. As for me, it's main-main only, as I have no basic at all in dancing. I can't differentiate right foot from left foot, or rather, always stepped on my own feet ! But it's enjoyment alright. I'm following the beginners' class.
Then after the class, some of the girls(old girls, they like to be referred as girls) would get together to have lunch. I joined them a few times. They'd order a few dishes , like once, we had "One duck Three servings : a duck made into peking duck, eat the skin only, the flesh fried with vegies to be wrapped with salad leaves and the bones made into kiamcai soup. Another time we went to have salad feast and today we had lobster and noodles. Of course we go dutch, but each time is only about $ 10 to $ 15. So, aren't you coming ?

Too Expensive ?

Here, in Perth, you can get a lot of things easily, even those things we can hardly lay our hands on, you have abundance here. But Perth is not all together that heavenly. There are certain things I find not easily accessible, or are rather expensive. Here quote a few:
First the small onions. I can't find them selling at the supermarkets at all. You can get a few at the oriental stores but it's rather expensive, more than $10 a kilo. My friends here tell me they never buy small onions, only use the large ones. So I also learn to use the large ones too. Masuk kandang lembu menguam, masuk kandang kambing mengembek.

Another expensive item is the ginger. It's always $12.90 a kilo, sometimes $14.00. These few pieces here fetch about $5.00, not to consider the exchange rate, dollar to dollar it's still mahal ! I think it'd be RM 1 something to RM 2 at our place. So SK,next time if Serene is going on confinement here, make sure you buy a lot at home, cut finely and fry in oil till crisp and dry, and bottle them to be brought here. You cannot bring the fresh ones, I think you know that. The same go for the small onions. But yesterday I was told that you can get frozen ginger at half the price of the fresh ones.

The taugeh here is not expensive, but look at them, so 'tall and slender', if it refers to my figure then I wouldn't mind, but taugeh ! Cis !
It makes me miss the short stout fat juicy taugeh of home.
My friend told me if you want to have the better taugeh, you get to grow it yourself : get a few pieces of handy towels, sprinkle water to wet them. Put green peas onto the tray lined with the paper napkins. Cover it with cloth. Sprinkle water regularly. After 3-4 days you have your own taugeh. (SK, since you are the pengetua, ask each pupil plant 10 peas, and you can have a few kilos of taugeh already !!!!!)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

At The Swapmeet Market

We were at the Swapmeet Market 0n Sunday. It's about ten minutes' drive to Perth city. It's actually like the Flea Market in Europe or the Thief Market in Singapore (Now I think they don't use this name anymore. When we were small we use to loiter there to see people selling their wares.)
The lady boss is Moi's friend. She and her husband would come here every Sunday morning at about 6 am to set up their store. This place is actually a big car park in front of a shopping centre. The market starts from 8 am to 12 noon. For each parking lot they use, they have to pay $3.00. This friend has two parking lots. She sells used computers and parts as well as eletronic items such as hi-fi, radio and parts.

Old clothing for sale, put on the car .

This friendly couple had been to Malaysia and Sabah many times. The wife kept on saying, Sutera Harbour,very beautiful. She also wanted me to buy the hanger which she knitted.

There are also lots of plants and herbs, if you need them.

So many fares on the ground for you to choose.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Colourful delights.

This young man is selling different types of swords.

Old mattress for sale, do you want to buy ? I noticed some stains.....

You can even buy an old chair.

All that glitters is not gold.

Fares in front of the van, around the van and atop the van.

So, this photo remind you of our pasar malam ?